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Selling Estate Jewelry, Coins and Precious Metals

Serving the entire Metro-East including Belleville, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Highland, Troy & More

Do you have old or broken gold or silver jewelry that you never wear? Are your diamonds real or imitation?
Have you inherited precious metals or jewelry that you have no clue of their value or how to liquidate? Contact the professionals at Marine Coin & Jewelry Company for information about liquidating these assets in return for cash or a check. We provide the same services and fair prices as the stores in St. Louis that you hear advertised on the radio and television. You can trust that you’re dealing with a local company that is committed to your satisfaction as to we are to our own. Contact our staff to set up a time for in-store appraisals on large collections or walk-in with your single or small collections.

How do I buy silver or gold?

Both Silver and Gold can be bought in various forms. The most common is One Troy Ounce “Rounds” or “Bars”. Silver Bars come in the common sizes of 1, 5, 10 and 100 Troy Ounces, as well as other unique styles.

Gold is also available in One Troy Ounce Bars and Rounds, or in actual coins such as the American Gold Eagle, South African Krugerrand, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, Mexican Peso and the Chinese Panda. Also available are the old-style gold coins that were used in this country and other countries.

TIP: Avoid buying gold or silver from a magazine or TV advertisement, or over the phone from a telemarketer. Even though the advertisement might say otherwise, these are common items and are always greatly overpriced. Before you buy from these advertisers, visit our store and compare prices!

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What types of gold and silver do we accept?

We purchase all forms of Gold & Silver and pay fair, market prices based on the current “Spot” Precious Metals Price. Some gold and silver coins may have a greater value depending on condition and rarity. We also purchase Sterling and Plated Silver serving items. Look for the word “Sterling” or the number “925” on your items which will have the highest value, otherwise it is silver plated white brass which we will also accept.

How do I sell gold & silver?

If you can describe your Gold and Silver Bullion or Coins over the phone, we can offer an estimate based on the current Precious Metals “Spot Price”.

It is best to bring your precious metals into our store to insure we are quoting the correct amount based on what you have and the condition. Some gold & silver coins may have a higher value due to their collectability, otherwise the value will be based on the weight of the precious metal content.

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We Buy Jewelry

Many times, we will surprise our customers when sorting through your costume jewelry by finding real gold, silver and diamonds among the costume jewelry items. Your jewelry can be cleaned and repaired, or appraised to help you decide if you want keep or sell each item. We purchase your fine jewelry according to the actual gold weight and carat weight of the items. We pride ourselves in offering fair and up-do-date market prices, and we share every detail of how we determine your fine jewelry’s wholesale value. We also provide Insurance Appraisal services. Insurance Appraisals reflect the cost of replacing an item at current retail prices.

TIP: Before putting your jewelry out at a rummage sale, bring it in for testing to be sure you aren’t giving it away for pennies!

We Sell Jewelry

Much of the jewelry we buy is too beautiful to melt as scrap so we put these items out on display for sale. Please help us find a new home for our fine jewelry. Our Jewelry is priced at-or-slightly over the precious metal content and the size and condition of the diamonds so you will be assured of a great value for each item.