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Your Local Buyers & Sellers of Collectible Coins

Serving the entire Metro-East including Belleville, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Highland, Troy & More

We are all “Keepers of the Coins”

Are you in possession of a small or large of collection of coins? Contact the Marine Coin Company for information about finding a new home for your coins. We will need to see and do an appraisal of your items to determine their value completely. There is no need for you to make a detailed list of your items; we will do that for you as we appraise each item. We buy and sell collectible coins and whole collections all the time and provide a complete in-house appraisal of your collection and offer fair market prices to ensure your satisfaction.

Instead of letting your collection take up space, allow someone else to enjoy your hard-earned collection by receiving a check or cash in its place and use its value for another purpose.

Call (618) 887-2008 to schedule an in-house appraisal of your collectible or rare coins or for your complete coin collections and we’ll find a new home for your treasured items.

Getting Started in the Hobby of Coin Collecting

Coin collection is a popular hobby that’s enjoyed by many for centuries and around the world. If you or someone you know is interested in getting started in coin collecting, Marine Coin Company is the place to go. We have local experts that have the information needed and can provide resources to help get you started.

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TIP: Don’t Clean Coins

Never clean your coin collection. Novices are often tempted to give their coins a polished shine, clean and shiny coins must be worth more, right? Cleaning or polishing a coin will destroy its worth. It removes some of the original finish, rendering the coin far less valuable as a result. Real collectors prize coins that are in their original, pristine condition.